Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Our Fall 2022 general body meetings will be conducted online and in-person. The Zoom link for our online meetings will be in the Linktree which can be found on the homepage and in our Instagram Bio (@ufclubcreole). Stay tuned to our Instagram to find in-person locations for our GBMs!

When are your meetings?

Our general body meeting dates can be found on our homepage. Other important event dates can be found on our calendar page and Instagram. 

What and What Not to Wear?

Come as you are! Our general body meetings are always casual. If we require more formal attire for any other events held by Club Creole, we will always let our members know ahead of time. 

Do I have to be Haitian to join Club Creole?

No, not at all! We welcome all students (Haitian or not) that are interested in Haitian culture. 

What do I have to do to become a member?

All students are automatically members as soon as you fill out our short 5-minute application. This application allows us to sign you up to our email list, our remind, and our membership points. You can find our membership application in the 'Get Involved' tab.

What are membership points?

Membership points allow us to hold our team accountable, as well as give our active CC members rewards and discounts for attending our meetings, events, and workshops. The more membership points you get, the bigger the rewards and discounts. 

I am a member but I want to have a bigger role in Club Creole.

Club Creole has multiple committees in which our active members can join. You can find our Committee list on our 'Get Involved' tab.

Need more answers?

No problem! Feel free to email us through our contact page and we will respond within 1-2 business days.